At Anchor Hitch Media we have a wide variety of video products and we can help you choose an approach that’s right for you. Here are some examples of the different styles of video we produce. If you know what you want, that’s awesome, we hope you find something similar here. If you need a little direction, this can help you pick out something that resonates with your goals for using video.


Our most popular product! We used to focus only on an overview video, but we’ve learned that a variety of targeted content videos is much a more powerful in an ongoing video campaign. Since our approach is normally to interview company leadership and customers, we collect a TON of content during shooting so we can initially create a few videos to start and then offer menu pricing for additional videos as you need them.


These videos highlight company products or product lines by using engaging visuals, text elements, motion graphics and voice-over to effectively demonstrate the benefits of the product(s). While many product videos focus on the features of the product, we focus on how the product relieves the pain points these clients may encounter.

If you make something great, your target market is going to need to see it in action. We create product videos that become your most compelling sales tool. We learn everything there is to know about your product. What problems does it solve? What makes it unique? Why is it a competitive option? We brainstorm, we come up with several approaches and we execute the option that resonates the most with you. We always find a way to give you that edge you need.


A very popular product! They're always effective and often the main feature to a landing page or homepage. If you decide you have a former client that you "totally killed it” for, this could be the time to invite them to do a video testimonial. These videos provide a TON of bang for your buck. They can be a great place to start and can also be mixed in with content video footage.


We produce all kinds of creative real estate videos. In fact, we’ve produced over 200 video real estate products over the past 5 years. From listing videos, to client testimonials to updates about the market, video is the most ideal way you as a realtor can differentiate yourself in the business. It’s important to go with a professional as your image depends on it.


Videos can transport the learner to places where he or she could not physically travel, or travel in a reasonable timeframe. Need the learner to travel to a lab, back in history, back in time, or to a kitchen? Use video as the transportation vehicle. We’ve worked with healthcare companies, life-sciences, sports, dining and others to create internal and external training videos for their customers and staff.



Some information is better communicated using professional motion graphics in the form of moving text and animated graphics. We use these tools to reinforce information in the  visual content, to breakdown technical imagery under the hood and give the video a polished look and feel.

-All above costs are estimates based on current project proposals