Anchor Hitch Media produces highly creative and extremely engaging marketing videos that improve all aspects of your marketing tool kit. We have talent that spans over 20 years in the industry and Anchor Hitch Media has produced over 200 videos since opening in May of 2015. We dig deep into the heart of your company, business or service to create something truly unique and personal. We understand that every company has a different set of goals, different budgets and timelines. We customize production options to give you the most BANG for your buck.   


We also produce effective and contemporary training videos for online learning programs, internal education programs, online workshops and all types of video instruction. We structure content around your curriculum, website layout, education outline, style and identity. Creating videos designed to teach, inform, and improve performance is a sophisticated undertaking. AHM provides options for a variety of approaches based on budget and timelines. 


We are proud to report that our videos have been a major player in 2 Kickstarter campaigns where the fundraising goal has been met. We have two additional companies that are getting ready to launch with our videos as a center piece. Video is often the catalyst of a successful crowed funding project and your video must be compelling enough, exciting enough and creative enough to inspire your audience to back you up financially simply because they believe in your cause. Anchor Hitch Media taps into the hungry intellectual mind of the audience as well as reaching their emotional core to inspire action. 


If you make something great, your target market is going to need to see it in action. We create product videos that become your most compelling sales tool. We learn everything there is to know about your product. What problems does it solve? What makes it unique? Why is it a competitive option? We brainstorm, we come up with several approaches and we execute the option that resonates the most with you. We always find a way to give you that edge you need.  


Many clients find that animations and info graphics help to explain technical or complicated aspects of the company so clients can more easily digest the process. At Anchor Hitch Media, we have dedicated team members who specialize in custom animations and motion graphics.